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24 agosto de 2016

Food Art with Fruit Mandalas

By Trista Whitehurst Peixoto This past week first grade has begun their new projects for the second semester. As we are starting anew, I thought it would be great to take a moment and reflect on some of the exciting things that we did last semester. Frist grade took on the project, Science through Senses, […]

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17 março de 2016

Programa Bilíngue – 10 anos

Por Dora Sodré Estamos comemorando o aniversário de 10 anos do Programa Bilíngue na Educação Infantil e iniciando nosso 11º ano de funcionamento. Fazendo uma retrospectiva de todos os professores estrangeiros, cuja língua materna é o Inglês, que já compartilharam com a comunidade Davinciana sua expertise, constatamos a riqueza da diversidade cultural vivenciada por nossos […]

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17 dezembro de 2015

Alunos do Programa Bilíngue apresentam trabalhos

Por Dora Sodré Em comemoração aos 10 anos do Programa Bilíngue os alunos do Infantil II ao 1º ano Integral, apresentaram para seus pais, entre os dias 24 e 27 de novembro, um dos trabalhos de arte desenvolvidos ao longo do ano de 2015. Este ano trabalhamos com os alunos os artistas Leonardo da Vinci […]

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21 setembro de 2015

Science in Infantil IV

By Trista Whitehurst We have begun the second part of our Science Project in Infantil IV. To kick off our second unit we are learning about different biomes from around the world. The children are exploring all kinds of different environment from the arctic to the savannah. In order to be better acquainted with the […]

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14 janeiro de 2015

It’s a Wrap!

Por Lorena Gutierrez – Infantil II The holiday season is in the horizon. I believe there’s no better way to end the school year than with this wonderful gift of a year in review, offered to all Infantil II Bilingual program parents. So here are some of the interesting and fun activities we did this […]

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24 setembro de 2014

Show and Tell

Written by Lisa Maia, first grade bilingual teacher In an effort to utilize interesting and exciting methods to introduce new words to our growing vocabulary, the First Grade Bilingual class began presenting Show and Tell. Students are invited once a week to bring a small, non-breakable, memory to show. They are encouraged to use their […]

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12 agosto de 2014

The True Art of Shaving…Cream!

By Lisa Maia, First Grade Bilingual Teacher First Grade prepares, because Father’s Day is upon us! We began by celebrating the characteristics of our fathers. One common practice that our dads may share is shaving the beard. We opened up a can of shaving cream and used our five senses to explore. The students described […]

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18 julho de 2014

Projeto Meu Nome, Minha História/All About Me – Infantil III

Por Fernanda Moreira Lopes Fraga e Amanda Kathleen Blevins No primeiro semestre deste ano, desenvolvemos com as turmas de Infantil III I1 e I2 o projeto Meu Nome, Minha História/All About Me. Iniciamos o projeto pedindo que as crianças trouxessem fotos desde sua gestação, nascimento e atual, para a confecção de um painel. Com o […]

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7 julho de 2014

Once Upon a Time – Infantil II – I

Lorena Gutierrez “Once upon a time in a faraway land, there was a tiny kingdom; peaceful, prosperous, and rich in romance and tradition. Here in a stately chateau, there lived a widowed gentleman, and his little daughter, Cinderella,” and so this is how I recall my father telling me this well-known Grimm brothers’ tale, adapted […]

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