Ana Paula Castro art by Infantil II students

10 julho de 2017

Dinah Ventanilla

This year has been an exciting semester for our Art Project because our artist in focus is a pride of Vitoria— Ana Paula Castro.


She has done remarkable artworks that are masterpieces in their own rights. She has intricately designed woods and metals with beautiful patterns, which became the focus of our project.

As an Infantil II teacher, it is a bit of a challenge on my part on how to teach art to young children (ages 2-3 years old) in an English language medium. I have to keep in mind that every activity has to be fun-filled, time-efficient, and simple but still artistic.

Thankfully, Ana Paula Castro´s artistry are in a wide range with nature, patterns, colors, and shapes that were easy for my young students to understand. Ana Paula has several heart-shaped artworks and that was our inspiration for our first activity. We made our own heart using cutout Popsicle sticks.


One of her very distinct pieces are her Cobogos. By using woods and yarn thread, we created four different patterns and dipped them into paint. The results were great!


She was also very fond of using birds, leaves, and branches of trees in her art. For our final activity, we used foil paper on a black background. The children loved them and they were able to create a similar pattern from Ana Paula´s works.


We learned so much from this Art Project, especially looking through the beautiful details in each of her works.



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