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11 novembro de 2019

Imersão em Inglês para o Semi Infantil

Por Dora Sodré Em 2020, iniciaremos na Educação Infantil uma manhã/tarde de imersão em Inglês, nas turmas do Infantil II, III e IV das turmas A e B. Um turno de imersão na língua inglesa não é novidade na Educação Infantil do Da Vinci. Quando a Escola trouxe para o Brasil a oportunidade de alunos do […]

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16 maio de 2019

Reflections inspired by Leonardo da Vinci

Katy Chase Early in April, students from the Infantil program had the fantastic opportunity to visit the school museum inspired by genius, and school namesake, Leonardo da Vinci. Bilingual Coordinator Dora Sodre led the children around the museum explaining the details and importance of his many works during the time of the Italian Renaissance. The […]

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22 novembro de 2018

Art Project with Infantil II

Por Dinah Ventanilla As an Infantil II teacher, doing the art project is both fun and a challenge. It is also one of the projects I look forward into introducing with my class. We always start with a trip to the Da Vinci Museum. Learning about the artist’s life and works are all educational to […]

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10 outubro de 2018

Travel the World with 1st Grade: Creating Global Learners

Por Catherine Chase Geography is a year long project in the First Grade bilingual program. As the final year of the Bilingual Program, geography is a project that encourages learning English vocabulary in new and challenging ways. Each geography class is a detailed and imagination filled adventure exploring new countries across six of the seven […]

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21 fevereiro de 2018

Infantil Bilíngue

Por Dora Sodré “As pessoas bilíngues desde pequenas utilizam mais áreas cerebrais e têm uma maior capacidade cognitiva.” Ellen Bialystok, psicóloga e professora especialista em bilinguismo da Universidade York de Toronto, Canadá Implementar um programa bilíngue, acreditando que a aprendizagem das crianças realmente vai superar-se em níveis jamais registrados antes por nós, não é tarefa […]

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17 novembro de 2017

Professional Development

By Sandra Dylewska The English teachers in the Infantil Bilingual Program were lucky to get the opportunity to participate in a professional development discussion group that was created and led by Liliane Salera Malta and Claudia Kawachi, through the PPGEL program at UFES. The PPGEL program is a linguistics program, and the research that is […]

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23 outubro de 2017

How are you feeling today? Circle Time in Infantil IV

By Katy Chase Circle time is the most important thirty minutes that I spend with my Infantil IV students each day. We begin with the same question: How are you feeling today? The students can choose to share one or two facts about their day, weekend or how they are feeling. They can talk about anything, […]

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10 julho de 2017

Ana Paula Castro art by Infantil II students

Dinah Ventanilla This year has been an exciting semester for our Art Project because our artist in focus is a pride of Vitoria— Ana Paula Castro. She has done remarkable artworks that are masterpieces in their own rights. She has intricately designed woods and metals with beautiful patterns, which became the focus of our project. […]

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27 dezembro de 2016

1st Grade: Our Art Project Journey

By Trista Whitehurst Peixoto First grade went on the great adventure of learning about art in connection with two great artists, Wassily Kandinsky and Heloisa Monjardim, and four amazing projects, Science Through Senses, Geography, Once Upon a Time, and our mini World Food Day Project. Our first project this year began with Science Through Senses. […]

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24 agosto de 2016

Food Art with Fruit Mandalas

By Trista Whitehurst Peixoto This past week first grade has begun their new projects for the second semester. As we are starting anew, I thought it would be great to take a moment and reflect on some of the exciting things that we did last semester. Frist grade took on the project, Science through Senses, […]

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